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2010Molecular conductors with differently oriented conducting layers, (EDT-TTF)(3)Hg2Br6 and (TMBEDT-TTF)(5)Hg(SCN)(4)-I-x(x)Zhilyaeva, E. I.; Semkin, V. N.; Yudanova, E. I.; Vlasova, R. M.; Torunova, S. A.; Flakina, A. M.; Mousdis, G. A.; Van, K. V.; Graja, A.; Lapinski, A.; Lyubovskii, R. B.; Lyubovskaya, R. N.
2007New pi-electron donor (1,4-thioxane-2,3-diyldithio) ethylenedithiotetrathiafulvalene (ETOEDT-EDT-TTF) and its derivatives. Synthesis and characterizationBarszcz, B.; Graja, A.; Soras, G.; Psaroudakis, N.; Mousdis, George A.
2003Optical properties of the conducting salt tau-(P-S,S-DMEDT-TTF)(2)(AuBr2)(AuBr2)(y) (y approximate to 0.75)Lapinski, A.; Graja, A.; Papavassiliou, George C.; Mousdis, George A.
2003New donor molecules and their tau-phase conducting saltsPapavassiliou, George C.; Mousdis, George A.; Terzis, A.; Raptopoulou, C.; Murata, K.; Konoike, T.; Yoshino, H.; Graja, A.; Lapinski, A.
1997Structural and physical properties of tau-(P-S,S-DMEDT-TTF)(2)(AuBr2)(1) (AuBr2)(0.75) and tau-(EDO-S,S-DMEDT-TTF)(2) (AuBr2)(1) (AuBr2)(0.75), 2D conductorsPapavassiliou, George C.; Lagouvardos, D. J.; Koutselas, I.; Murata, K.; Graja, A.; Ducasse, L.; Ulmet, J. P.
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