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2003Synthesis of new nitrogen-containing phosphinite and phosphine-phosphinite ligands. Application to rhodium-catalyzed hydroformylation of styrenKostas, Ioannis D.
1998Synthesis of new phosphino amino alcohol ligands via ortho-alkyllithiation reactions. Versatile coordination behavior toward copper(I) and palladium(II)Andrieu, J.; Steele, Barry R.; Screttas, C. G.; Cardin, C. J.; Fornies, J.
2001Synthesis of new rhodium complexes with a hemilabile nitrogen-containing bis(phosphinite) or bis(phosphine) ligand. Application to hydroformylation of styreneKostas, Ioannis D.
2007Synthesis of new sterically hindered anilinesSteele, Barry R.; Georgakopoulos, S.; Micha-Screttas, M.; Screttas, C. G.
2005Synthesis of new ultraviolet light absorbers based on 2-aryl-2H-benzotriazolesKoutsimpelis, A. G.; Screttas, C. G.; Igglessi-Markopoulou, O.
2012Synthesis of novel sulfonamide-1,2,4-triazoles, 1,3,4-thiadiazoles and 1,3,4-oxadiazoles, as potential antibacterial and antifungal agents. Biological evaluation and conformational analysis studiesZoumpoulakis, P.; Camoutsis, Ch.; Pairas, G.; Sokovic, M.; Glamoclija, J.; Potamitis, C.; Pitsas, A.
2001Synthesis of N-Urethane-protected gamma-amino-functionalized butenoates and tautomeric studies by means of NMR, X-ray crystallography and ab initio calculationsDetsi, A.; Gavrielatos, E.; Adam, M. A.; Igglessi-Markopoulou, O.; Markopoulos, J.; Theologitis, M.; Reis, Heribert; Papadopoulos, Manthos G.
2011Synthesis of Poly[(ethylene carbonate)-co-(ethylene oxide)] Copolymer by Phosphazene-Catalyzed ROPYang, Hongjun; Yan, Manqing; Pispas, Stergios; Zhang, Guangzhao
1987Synthesis of Pyrazinodithiadiselenafulvalenes - New Unsymmetrical Pi-DonorsPapavassiliou, George C.; Yiannopoulos, S. Y.; Zambounis, J. S.; Kobayashi, K.; Umemoto, K.
2004Synthesis of some new electron pi-donors containing methoxy groupsMousdis, George A.; Papavassiliou, George C.; Psaroudakis, N.; Anyfantis, G. C.
1989Synthesis of Terminally Substituted 9-Alkylidene-10-Methyl AcridansVarveri, F. S.; Nikokavouras, J.; Mantakamarketou, A. E.; Micha-Screttas, Maria
1997Synthesis of tetrahydrofuran-stable omega-lithioxy-azaalkyllithiumsKostas, Ioannis D.; Screttas, C. G.
2010Synthesis of tropolone derivatives and evaluation of their in vitro neuroprotective activityKoufaki, Maria; Theodorou, Elissavet; Alexi, Xanthippi; Nikoloudaki, Faidra; Alexis, Michael N.
2011Synthesis of variously coupled conjugates of D-glucose, 1,3,4-oxadiazole, and 1,2,3-triazole for inhibition of glycogen phosphorylaseKun, Sandor; Nagy, Gergo Z.; Toth, Marietta; Czecze, Laura; Albert Nguyen Van Nhien; Docsa, Tibor; Gergely, Pal; Charavgi, Maria-Despoina; Skourti, Paraskevi V.; Chrysina, Evangelia D.; Patonay, Tamas; Somsak, Laszlo
2011Synthesis of water-soluble multidentate aminoalcohol beta-cyclodextrin derivatives via epoxide openingMartina, K.; Caporaso, M.; Tagliapietra, S.; Heropoulos, G.; Rosati, O.; Cravotto, G.
2002Synthesis of (Z)-4-hydroxytamoxifen and (Z)-2-[4-[1-(p-hydroxyphenyl)-2-phenyl]-1-butenyl]phenoxyacetic acidDetsi, A.; Koufaki, Maria; Calogeropoulou, Theodora
1987Synthesis of β-keto phosphonates from vinyl phosphates via a 1,3-phosphorus migrationCalogeropoulou, Theodora; Hammond, Gerald B.; Wiemer, David F.
2001Synthesis, pH-dependent structural characterization, and solution behavior of aqueous aluminum and gallium citrate complexesMatzapetakis, M.; Kourgiantakis, M.; Dakanali, M.; Raptopoulou, C. P.; Terzis, A.; Lakatos, A.; Kiss, T.; Banyai, I.; Iordanidis, L.; Mavromoustakos, Thomas; Salifoglou, A.
2010Synthesis, Structure and Antiproliferative Activity of Three Gallium(III) Azole ComplexesZanias, Stergios; Papaefstathiou, Giannis S.; Raptopoulou, Catherine C.; Papazisis, Konstantinos T.; Vala, Vasiliki; Zambouli, Dimitra; Kortsaris, Alexandros H.; Kyriakidis, D.A.; Zafiropoulos, Theodoros F.
2010Synthetic and computational studies on the tricarboxylate core of 6,7-dideoxysqualestatin H5 involving a carbonyl ylide cycloaddition-rearrangementHodgson, David M.; Villalonga-Barber, Carolina; Goodman, Jonathan M.; Pellegrinet, Silvina C.
Showing results 3977 to 3996 of 8340


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